Ashinaga Africa Initiative fully-funded scholarship (step by step application guide)

This scholarship is for you if you are;

  1. A high school student looking to further your studies abroad,

  2. An undergraduate student looking to further your studies abroad (and you don't mind restarting)

  3. An African

  4. You have lost one or both of your parents

Scholarship Deadline: 19th February 2021

It is a scholarship provided by the Ashinaga Foundation in Japan. It seeks to provide educational and leadership opportunities to African students.

There are two main phases in the application process; A registration process through which your eligibility will be assessed and confirmed and the scholarship application. Here I am going to focus on the first step of the application process. I will also do a video to show you how so 👉🏾 SUBSCRIBE to the Youtube channel and turn the notifications 👉🏾 ON so you get informed when I post the video.

To apply for this scholarship, a couple of steps are involved:

  1. Go to the official scholarship page. 👉🏾 here

This is what the page looks like. (if you do not see this, you are on the wrong page)

2. Take your National ID card or passport, a copy of your high school report card or high school results report, and a copy of your final high school certificate (could be CGCE, WASSCE, NSC).

3. Go to any place that scans documents and ask that these three documents are scanned for you. (Remember to take a USB key so the soft copy of the documents can be saved inside)

4. Get back to the website and download the registration form

I have illustrated the places where you will find the registration form. You can click on any. The form will download after you click on it.

The form looks like this 👆🏾.